"This campaign is important to me because elephants are endangered & if the ivory trade is not shut down completely we'll never ever see the elephants again. I don't want to see them in history books or an extinct animal list. We can certainly do better than killing harmless animals for a few pretty trinkets".


Shriti began as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2009. Since its inception the label has worked intensively with artisan prints which has become the essence of the brand. The label maintains the highest standards of quality from fabric procurement to the packaging. Shriti Pratap is committed to the brand philosophy, “keep LEARNING. keep SHARING. keep EVOLVING.” Shriti Pratap integrates social and environmental responsibility through fashion and art in the label’s day to day business objectives and hopes there will be many more brands to actively join her in this journey. Examples include tailoring the pieces for the needs of woman with breast cancer and Elephantasia: Fashion for Conservation.

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