A world where Elephants can populate creates a balanced world for all living things. Once the human ego is ripped away we realize all creatures need each other. We are not one without the other

Meredith Kelly Allen is an ethical, contemporary womenswear designer with a strong connection towards nature. A conceptual thinker, Meredith draws constant inspiration from shapes, textures, and uniformity created in nature, abstract concepts juxtaposed with functional, wearable pieces for the everyday woman. 360 design drives all of Meredith's looks by giving the wearer confidence that all angles will spark visual interest. With a deep belief that passion should be countered with purpose, all of Meredith's looks strive to be eco-conscious, ethical, and mindful. Meredith has conducted research on different outlets of eco-fashion with extensive research on garment dye. Meredith currently resides part-time in Los Angeles and New York.