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KLEED is a young brand, with a stellar ambition - to become 100% sustainable.
— Carolina Guedes Cruz

About Kleed Kimonos

KLEED raises awareness for the huge challenges facing African wildlife today. We support the fight against Rhino extinction together with the NGO Saving the Survivors. KLEED’s support of this NGO is two-fold: raising awareness of rhino conservation and Saving the Survivors amazing work, but also contributing part of KLEED’s turnover to Saving the Survivors. The monetary support is used directly towards funding the life-saving teams on the ground, with equipment, medical support and helping to cover expenses and transport costs.

Over fifteen years of volunteer service in conservation projects in Africa, working with everything from elephants to rhinos, convinced Carolina that her contribution to wildlife conservation should combine the two worlds - international fashion and the preservation of African wildlife. Since then, KLEED has become a worldwide brand advocate for the conservation of wildlife in Africa. Carolina believes that KLEED has a pivotal role to play, in the international fashion community, for wildlife conservation and the sustainability of our planet. Every collection reflects the essence of Africa – in themes, colors, or materials and in each one KLEED raises awareness for the huge challenges facing African wildlife today.

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