Re:ne(w) by René Garza is founded on the concept that resource sustainability is the responsibility of every individual - being conscious of both our actions and their impact. The Elephantasia Campaign aligns beautifully with our mission, as the conservation of animals is fundamental to the preservation of our planet.
— RE.NE(W)

Rene Garza is a New York based artist in residency in Houston, TX and has spent over 15 years as a fashion and celebrity stylist, traveling the world in a business ruled by visceral aesthetics. His work has been published in international editions of Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. His clients include Sofia Vergara, Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, John Legend, and Jon Bon Jovi, among others. His fashion collection is upcycled from post-consumer textiles donated to M&P, a nonprofit design house dedicated to the collection and sustainable reuse of fashion, textiles, and accessories. Each look in the collection has been constructed from bolt ends, waste fabric, and donated clothing from local businesses.

Inspiration usually comes from art, travel, minimalism, geometry, dark gothic, and romanticism. When asked what the next step will be, he says his ultimate goal is to create images through styling and design that have a lasting and timeless significance.