I am a designer who transforms waste, utilizes obsolete clothing and textile machinery and incorporates traditional artisanal techniques to produce a Canadian cultural product that not only represents my story, but that of where we live and the society we live in.

Katherine Soucie’s Elephantasia piece “Airvatta,” represents the white elephant believed to represent peace and prosperity. She is transforming pre-consumer waste material in creating an object that has a new purpose and value in today’s fashion industry. The waste that is produced by the textile and fashion industry and its impact on the environment can no longer be ignored just as we can no longer ignore the facts surrounding the future of this animal. There is an elephant is in the room so to speak. This piece is constructed with her signature hosiery textile fabric that will be embroi- dered to resemble the skin of the elephant. The silhouette of the garment will take on the elephant ears with large exaggerated sleeves that will have oversized cuffs that will resemble the trunk. Given that hosiery is manufactured to be a second skin, she is replicating the elephant skin texturely in order to for it to embody the spirit of the white elephant.

Her experimentation with textile industry waste has resulted in an extensive body of work driven by her desire to integrate hand -craft applications with industrial processes.  Thus, creating meaningful textiles that encourage the act of use and reuse where materials are made with care in respect to our environment.