Elephants are one of my my favorite sacred animals. When I arrived to United States from Belarus in 1994, I brought only one suitcase. One of the things inside was a natural stone elephant that I always believed was sacred and would protect me as long as I carried it. According to Buddhists, “white” elephants carry special significance. As a long time Rotarian, educator and fashion designer, I truly believe in doing things for a good cause. I believe it is our responsibility to spread the important message across the globe, how crucial it is to save elephants from killing

Contrasting contemporary Los Angeles glitz and glamour with her Belarusian heritage, Tatiana Shabelnik's collection "Contrast" is a dramatic fusion of bold colors and textures in leather and pure silks. Published in many international magazines including VOGUE UK, GLAMOUR UK, House of Coco, Los Angeles Times and other publications, as well as seen on the runways in Los Angeles, Orange County, Dubai and Vancouver, Tatiana wants to bring high-end wearable art to everyone globally.

Her collection is inspired by her tremendous passion for travel and love for different cultures. Bold bright colors and shapes as well as color-blocking elements derive from her longtime admiration for the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and Belorussian-French artist Marc Chagall. That collection incorporates fusion colors along with the current trends. Shabelnik’s ambition with this line is to produce clothing that people will want to wear in everyday life. Very comfortable, yet stylish—these qualities have always been the goal of her designs.