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Annafora specializes in producing seasonal collections that target a growing androgynous culture amongst young adults. Each collection that is produced is done in a contemporary manor that challenges the norms of society, while maintaining the quality standards of the growing avant-garde fashion market.


Alex S. Yu creates colourful and minimal garments that explore the fine line between reality and fantasy. His aesthetics rollick the happy emotions of childhood, nostalgia and wanderlust; and ponder the very definition of femininity in a modern, quirky way through garments.


Alfonso Sanchez’s brand is a tribute to elegance and sophistication based on rife between classically feminine clothing and cutting edge details that make each piece unique. The mix of materials and textures, transparencies and lace, finished and handcrafted details including volume and sleek body, leave us with a striking impression of his collection.



The Autonomous Collection is a London based brand taking an ethical approach to fabrication and design. The brand offers a bold aesthetic that is wearable and inspired by the duality of rural and city life. Nature Vs Man is a constant inspiration for the founder and represents the value of handcraft, but also aesthetically appeals to exciting new directions in style and youth culture.


Brigid KO uses unconventional techniques to create beautiful upcycled couture designs. She creates high fashion, edgy pieces using recycled and reused materials such as inner tubes, leathers, and found objects. She believes it is of utmost importance to acknowledge the ingenuity of handmade crafts and the power and natural beauty that plants have to offer in your home.


Launched in 2015 by Scottish designer Cathleen Nicol, the aesthetic is always graceful and uncluttered. Sourcing fine materials and undertaking high standards in manufacturing are both loyal to the brand’s ethos. Each bag is hand-cut, sewn and finished by a team of craftswomen, led by a chief maker who has been creating handbags for some of Britain’s best leather brands for 15 years.



Dawnamatrix is a line of luxury latex couture and accessories that merge fine art with high fashion. Each piece is infused with self expression, romance, sensuality, and strength. Dawnamatrix latex couture and accessories represents a revolution, merging fine art with high fashion.


The label Danny Reinke was founded in 2014 by Danny Reinke and Julien Kelch. What is special about the label are the lush, individual shapes with detailed embellishments through pearl embroidery and structures, as well as the unconventional handling of textures. Playing with colours creates fashion with couture aspects, from high-quality materials, which is handmade.


Eria Lamarque is an alternative fashion brand born in 2014 with a dramatic avante garde and feminine spirit. The brand’s purpose is very clear, providing unique designs that never go unnoticed. Playing with structural patterns, strong silhouettes, and juxtaposition of above all, the essence and personality of her client is reflected in each piece.



Gabriela Rose is a luxury British brand recognized for its unique use of British and Scottish tweeds combined with brightly printed jacquard lining inside garments including collars and cuffs, and for its flattening lines used in the tailoring process. Signature pieces include the Gabriela Rose Velvet & Tweed Wraps, the tailored Halkin jacket, the Berkeley coat, and the Venetian cape.


Combining the wanderlust of the gypsy and the global reference of the jet set, GYPSETGIRL is a bohemian collection for the woman who embodies an alternative, free-spirited lifestyle. Founder, designer, and creative director Melissa Hillas started as a world traveler and entrepreneur who was inspired by the clothing and accessories she found in her travels, and different textures and colors she encountered along the way. 


Free Mind represents multi functional convertible clothes. These are dresses for the future, ambitious and sophisticated. Free Mind focuses on the concept of minds free of stereotypes, a universe free of superstition and restriction. The brand was founded in 2016 and each collection presents several articles with removable pieces, offering up to 9 different permutations per dress, making each a limited edition. 



Ivory Ella is an online destination for cute and comfortable fashion that features the latest trends and helps a good cause. 10% of the net profits go directly to, a foundation that works to stop illegal ivory poaching and control other threats to the elephant species. Their mission is to eliminate the elephant crisis and inspire the next generation to take action through one-of-a-kind designs to bring cultures and people together.


Jamie Von Stratton is a designer, performer, and innovator; her creative nature parallels her love of fashion, thrift store finds, and vintage construction which led her to start her own label in 2003. She started with two shops in Seattle, where she remade pieces she found in thrift stores, or whipped up one of a kind creations. When she discovered burlesque, this broadened her creative circle, and she began fashioning costumes which have grown into seasonal collections.


Katherine Soucie’s experimentation with textile industry waste has resulted in an extensive body of work driven by her desire to integrate hand craft applications with industrial processes.  Thus, creating meaningful textiles that encourage the act of use and reuse where materials are made with care in respect to our environment. Transforming waste and obsolete objects into garments is at the core of Soucie’s environmentally conscious mission. 



Kristen Luong launched KROMAGNON as a sustainable and eco-friendly high street label featuring both menswear and womenswear. KROMAGNON promotes mindful luxury and sources earth friendly materials that are renewable, organic, natural, and biodegradable. Most fabrics are hemp blends with sustainable fibers like tencel, peace silks, organic cotton, and recycled water bottles.

Marina Toeters

Marina Toeters operates on the cutting edge of technology and fashion design. Through her business she stimulates collaboration between the fashion industry and technical innovators for a relevant fashion system and garments in everyday use. Toeters seeks to innovate for a supportive fashion system in which the relationship between technology and fashion can advance and coexist harmoniously.

Marita Wrong

Marita is the owner and founder of Marita Wrong - a sustainable clothing brand committed to exclusive and timeless fashion that elevates the awareness of fashion conscious consumers. Marita’s brand feels very strongly about ethical production as well as sustainably sourced materials; all exclusive designs are made in London with this objective in mind as well as great attention to detail.


Meredith Allen

Meredith Kelly Allen is an ethical, contemporary womenswear designer with a strong connection towards nature. A conceptual thinker, Meredith draws constant inspiration from shapes, textures, and uniformity created in nature, abstract concepts juxtaposed with functional, wearable pieces for the everyday woman. With a deep belief that passion should be countered with purpose, all of Meredith's looks strive to be eco-conscious, ethical, and mindful.

No Voice

NO VOICE was founded by artistic partners Oscar Abbots and Riccardo Ceretti. Oscar comes from the field of fashion having collaborated with international designers such as: Roberto Cavalli, Josep Font, Adolfo Dominguez and currently designs for Zara. Riccardo comes from the world of art and archeology, with an innate passion for fashion. 

Shriti Pratap

Since its inception the label has worked intensively with artisan prints which has become the essence of the brand. The label maintains the highest standards of quality from fabric procurement to the packaging. Shriti Pratap integrates social and environmental responsibility through fashion and art in the label’s day to day business objectives and hopes there will be many more brands to actively join her in this journey.


Talia Baker

Talia Baker has collaborated and designed costumes for contemporary dance, theater, and film in New York and Mexico. Her designs have been awarded the bronze Hempel Award at the International Young Designers contest in Beijing and the LCI Fd Moda prize. Her work has also been showcased at ACME headquarters, China Fashion Week, the Fashion Creators Association of Spain, and at the "Les Metissages" exhibition as part of Barcelona International Jewelry Week JOYA.

Tatiana Shabelnik

Contrasting contemporary Los Angeles glitz and glamour with her Belarusian heritage, Tatiana Shabelnik's collection "Contrast" is a dramatic fusion of bold colors and textures in leather and pure silks. She draws inspiration from her tremendous passion for travel and love for different cultures and wants to bring high-end wearable art to everyone globally. Shabelnik’s ambition with this line is to produce clothing that people will want to wear in everyday life.


Jeff Garner is committed to creating distinctive, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. The Prophetik label’s genesis came once Jeff made the decision to combine his love for his surroundings with his artistic desires. Prophetik is established in the United States and is fast becoming the label synonymous with fashion-led ethical design in the United Kingdom with widespread praise from both ethical and mainstream fashion media.


Rachel Allan

Rebecca O'Connor and Clyde Rohrer co-design for Rachel Allan. Rachel Allan is a wholesale company that specializes in prom, homecoming, couture, and special occasion dresses. Bridal is new for the line that was introduced in Spring of 2018.

Rene Garza is a New York based artist in residency in Houston, TX and has spent over 15 years as a fashion and celebrity stylist, traveling the world in a business ruled by visceral aesthetics. Inspiration usually comes from art, travel, minimalism, geometry, dark gothic, and romanticism. When asked what the next step will be, he says his ultimate goal is to create images through styling and design that have a lasting and timeless significance.


Neringa Ruke is a Lithuanian designer who creates modern handmade knitwear for women. Ruke is deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition of great value in a contemporary modern context. The collection is a reflection of nature, mankind, and the relationship between them. Ruke is a world of fresh and crisp rain, greenery, and lush forests, living rivers, dusky clouds. It is a dialogue between human and nature, human and human.


Vismaya Collection

The VISMAYA brand is acclaimed for offering a variety of breathtaking shawls, scarves, and wraps. Ever since its inception, VISMAYA’s accessory collections have quickly become a renowned label across the globe. The brand offers seasonal collections of gorgeous accessories in vibrant colors, exquisite patterns, and sumptuous fabrics including silk, linen, wool, cotton, cashmere, modal, and a variety of blends.


Viktoria founded ZEFYRAS in 2011 which eventually manifested itself into a full-fledged design studio and two boutiques where all the Zefyras magic happens. It stands out with its passion for and attention to each of its customers because each piece is adapted to a customer, and no two pieces are the same. We strive to tell our customer's stories through the garments we create, accepting their strengths, giving them what they were missing to truly love themselves and be confident.