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ANNAFORA designed The Empire jumpsuit, inspired by the grandeur of the elephant. This look aims to capture the robust textures and shape portrayed by an elephant´s body in a manner that regards the animal as a royal and powerful, as interpreted by the Asian and African societies who lived in close quarters with them.

Instagram: @annaxfora


Created in 2012, ANNAFORA is a design label born out of a love for combining culture and aesthetic. 

ANNAFORA specializes in producing seasonal collections that target a growing androgynous culture amongst young adults. Each collection that is produced is done in a contemporary manor that challenges the norms of society, while maintaining the quality standards of the growing avant-garde fashion market.

Our company targets the feminine- centered male, and the male-centered female, providing an approach to fashion that is not only androgynous, but inevitably embodies a sense of futurism through moral, and advanced design construction. In addition to this, we believe that the production of our product should not compromise the health, security, or human rights of any individual.

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