FFC is thrilled to announce a brick and mortar partner in The Cura Collective (CURA). Located in downtown Seattle, CURA boutique features brands that contribute to a greater good. CURA aims to help you live in a more equitable, beautiful world through the design and curation of art and objects, accessories and apparel.

Their eight guiding principles:

  1. Consumers, through their purchases, cast a vote about the world they want to live in.

  2. Women supporting women is the fastest route to worldwide equity.

  3. Celebrating creativity, beauty and real human stories heals.

  4. Traditional craft techniques and the wisdom of indigenous cultures are worth preserving.

  5. Fairtrade and transparency are non-negotiable.

  6. Slower is better, and less is more.

  7. Environmental justice and social justice are inextricable.

  8. Reuse is the most sustainable action.

Stay tuned for Fashion for Conservation’s Artesanías spotlight on In the meantime, learn more about the sustainably sourced, authentically Peruvian accessories from the lower Peruvian’s Yine Tribe, here.

The CURA Collective is a conscious lifestyle brand. CURA leads with the principle that all of us, through our purchases, cast a vote about the world we want to live in. Our community brings consumers, makers,
designers, artists & activists together under one roof. The intersection of artistry and equity is our north star. CURA; to curate; to cure.
— CURA Collective