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About Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

There is no other organization quite like Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. WFEN is a learning network of wildlife and conservation biologists, farmers, artisans, indigenous communities and brands, and also a certification eco label. Their mission is to protect wildlife and agricultural land by certifying organizations that promoting the coexistence of nature and people, ensuring that both thrive.

While WFEN is an expansive organization, their real area of expertise is the impacts of various supply chains on wildlife from various supply chains. Through routine consultations with brands on these issues, they maintain conservation standards for a wide range of animals; from jaguars to mountain gorillas to sea turtles to Asian elephants. With input from the global experts for each species in a growing number of supply chains and commodities, WFEN makes sure that organizations are held responsible for their impacts on animals, local communities, and wildlife.

To learn a little bit more about WFEN, we spoke Co-founder and Executive Director Julie Stein.

Q&A with Julie

Q: What does sustainability mean to your brand? 

A: We define sustainability to include biodiversity in a meaningful way. We made a conscious decision when we were founded that we did not simply want to be or to support brands that donated a percentage of their profits to conservation - we wanted our certified products to support and advance conservation in the field by addressing the key threats to endangered species around the world. That is what Certified Wildlife Friendly™ stand for today.

Q: What is the legacy your brand would like to impart on our planet? 

A: We are setting the standard for Wildlife Friendly™ practices in the marketplace.

Q: What is your brand doing to track its carbon footprint and offset greenhouse gases? 

A: We are actually about to announce the world first Certified Wildlife Friendly™ carbon offsetting!

Q: What is your brand's stance on animal welfare? 

A: We work with animal welfare certifications for our enterprises that raise domestic livestock. Issues related to wildlife - who are often the invisible collateral damage of the fashion industry - is our expertise and our standards take the state of the art science on each species and operationalize it for conservation impact.

Q: What sort of packaging is used for the items? 

A: We always encourage our family of brands to use sustainable packaging and at least one of our certified enterprises makes beautiful paper packaging, which is currently sourced by AVEDA.

Q: Does your company partner with ethical factories? 


Q: How are the factory conditions communicated to the company? 

A: Many of our raw materials are not made in factories at all but by local communities.

Nuxalbari Tea Estate owner Sonia Jabbar with the new Certified Elephant Friendly™ farm sign at her 1200 acre tea plantation. Photo credit: Nuxalbari Tea Estate

Nuxalbari Tea Estate owner Sonia Jabbar with the new Certified Elephant Friendly™ farm sign at her 1200 acre tea plantation. Photo credit: Nuxalbari Tea Estate

Fun Facts About WFEN

  • One of WFEN’s goals is to end the poaching crisis because it is the most immediate threat to many wildlife species.

  • They set the global standard for Wildlife Friendly® enterprises by certifying products and services to strict peer review.

  • There are at least seven different Wildlife Friendly® certifications for enterprises and products to get from WFEN. Learn what they are by clicking here.

  • AVEDA, Stella McCartney, Kering, Nuubia, GreaterGood.org, and Charity USA.com are all members of their Corporate Network.

Show Some Love

“We invite you to envision a world where people and wildlife not only coexist but thrive. In this world, nourishing foods and handcrafted products are part of an elegant solution rooted in collaboration, sustainability and with respect for farmers and artisans, the land, and wildlife. A world where tourists are engaged as partners in conservation. Everyone wins. This is the World of Certified Wildlife Friendly®.”


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