Sonja Vajifdar


Meet Sonya!

This week, we are featuring Sonya VAJIFDAR; an ethical Influencer and Fashion Designer who holds a Fashion and Textile design degree from Istituto Europeo de Design, Milan. In 2009, the brand the ‘SONYA VAJIFDAR’ was born and is sold internationally.

Sonya is extremely passionate about ethical clothes and products, especially where and how they are made, and she writes reviews on beauty products, clothes and homeware from brands across the world on her blog. In fact, some of her articles are being published by some of the best international sustainable magazines!

Sonya Vajifdar clothing has been featured in high end fashion magazines, is also a Sustainable Styling Course Director in Fashion Schools in India and UAE, and she is a proud member of Ethical Influencer (UK).

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What attracted you to FFC?

I was first attracted to FFC when I saw how you were promoting the UN SDGs in the form of empowering women workers and fair trade. A cause very close to my heart as well. I was extremely excited to work with an organisation who promotes this!

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life?

  • I switched to clean beauty products around two years ago.

  • Incorporated eco friendly and ethical clothes into my wardrobe as well.

  • Switched my clothing brand which has been in production for ten years to a clean eco friendly, zerowaste fair trade fashion brand.

  • I also write about and promote ethical beauty and fashion in sustainable magazines, my own blog and on my social media feeds. Apart from this I am also a course director for sustainable fashion courses in India and UAE.

How do you aspire to influence and make your mark on our planet?

I want education to come first to try to engrave the importance of sustainability in the minds of people today! I think the more information people hear the more they open their eyes to it . I will continue to strive to promote slow fashion and ethical trade through whichever Chanels I can!

What is your spirit animal?

I am absolutely obsessed with the sea and water so I think I relate with any animal/ fish under the sea!


Fun Facts

  • Sonya holds a Fashion and Textile design degree from Instituto Euroep de Design, Milan.

  • Sonya is a proud member of Ethical Influencers UK.

  • She was 21 when she created her brand.

  • Her brand is all about “Redefining Luxury through sustainability” for people all over the globe.

  • She is headquartered in India.


Show Some Love

Sonya is a great example of how one person can start with a passion and expand it to shake up an entire industry. From designing luxury and ready-to-wear clothes, to writing reviews about other brands, to educating her readers about living sustainably , Sonya uses her influence to change the world for good. And for all you fashionistas and travelers out there, it’s the perfect place to learn how to travel, eat, and live sustainably. After our discussion with Sonya, we hope that everyone feels inspired to take their passion to the next level.

Learn More

Learn more about Sonya here and follow them on Instagram @sonyavajifdar to see their products, features, and articles!

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