[EVENT] Future of Fashion. Now. - UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

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On March 14th in Nairobi, the curators of “Future Fashion. Now.” begin their mission to reverse fashion’s negative impacts and encourage global messages of support to advocate a way forward that is circular and healthy: “As individuals we all have the power to choose better. Now.”

FFC is excited to announce our part in curating the first project of the United Nations’ Alliance for Sustainable Fashion: “Future of Fashion. Now.” The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion was birthed out of the desire and urgency to better coordinate sustainable fashion efforts as they fit with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Joining forces with Elle L, Kaleidoscope, and Vepsi, we are forging a new international collective as leading voices in sustainability and innovation. “Future of Fashion. Now.” will feature artist, designer, and special guest Heron Preston, along with sustainable designers from all over the world who will present the latest sustainable innovations in fashion. The goal of the show is to highlight new ways we can create and re-shape the current industry with the protection of our planet and all our futures in mind.

We are envisioning a fashion industry that inspires and empowers people rather than exploiting societies and eco-systems; our alliance that bridges networks and expertise from Seattle to Berlin is a real push for global efforts to make such a world a reality.


We’ll be launching a social media campaign at the event.
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