UNEA4 x Future of Fashion. Now. - Event Overview

FFC was thrilled to be part of the UN Sustainable Fashion Alliance launch project: Future of Fashion. Now. along with Elle L, Kaleidoscope, and VEPSI at UNEA4 in Nairobi, Kenya. The multi-media fashion showcase hosted a number of high-level decision makers and influential stakeholders from all over. The event focused on Sustainable Fashion, and how this important topic fits into the framework of achieving the UN’s 2030 agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (which you probably know we’ve been talking lots about here and on our social media pages)!


Future of Fashion. Now. showcased a series of fashion pop-ups with local and international “role models” such as Lucia Masau and Elle L, who displayed amazing looks created with pieces by designers Alina Schuerfeld, Buki Akomolafe, Ecoalf, Folkdays, Kiko Remeo, Langer Chen, Lara Krude, Magpies and Peacocks, Nat-2, Reet Aus, Schmidttakahashi, and Zazi Vintage. This global mix of sustainable designers presented the latest exciting innovations in the fashion world today.

Designer Heron Preston, who was a special guest and speaker at the event, showcased his latest project “Re-Design” made up of perfectly good materials that have been saved from the fate of a landfill. Preston also presented an exclusive preview of his upcoming collection “Jump”, a fashionable series of up-cycled pieces. Preston spoke some inspiring words directed at the next generation of designers:

“The road to 100 percent sustainability is a very ambitious and challenging road but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't challenge ourselves... We should definitely challenge ourselves, and that's kind of what I am up to on my personal journey as a designer... to challenge myself and ask myself how can I be better? I think the first step is education, it's knowledge, it's learning because it's a very complex landscape. You know, in sustainability there is not one solution, there are many solutions... and just also developing a relationship with nature, because that's where all of our stuff comes from.”


The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion leaves us all with high hopes for the future of fashion. All of us at the event hope to have illustrated how the industry can create and solve differently in such a way that protects all our futures. Together we are fighting for a fashion industry that inspires and empowers people, not exploits social systems and ecological environments.

The event at Nairobi is just a start, and we intend to grow internationally from here on out!

We’ll leave you with the words of Elle L, musical artist and one of FFC’s very own ambassadors:

“Artists are innovators — they create for a world that doesn’t yet exist and bring ideas to life that can shape the future. In recent years, fashion has become fast and the industry at large has become separate to the environment. That needs to change. If the fashion food chain continues to desensitise itself and practice harmful methods of production and selling, there will be no future to create for. Heron Preston is living-proof that fundamental positive change is happening. Through our partnership and with the UN, we want to show the potential for a new era of fashion.”

The Future of Fashion. Now. collective will continue creating and sharing a united message of change and action for fashion’s sustainable future. Keep up with the movement with the following hashtags across social media: #FutureFashionNow #UNFashion

Future of Fashion. Now. was supported by the following sustainability partners and we’d love to give a special thank you to: Lenzing Group, Messe Frankfurt, African Fashion Fund, Fashion 4 Development, Nairobi Photobooth Co., and Hoja Nueva. Many thanks to Fairmont - The Norfolk hotel in Nairobi where the whole team stayed and were hosted for a special dinner to network and share ideas among local and international voices.

A final thanks to FFC’s fellow curators for the event: Elle L, Kaleidoscope, and VEPSI.

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