FFC x VannEdge: ARTESENÍAS Event Overview

FFC Family Photo, taken by Taze Henderson

FFC Family Photo, taken by Taze Henderson

A huge thank you to all who came out to support the Artesenías event earlier this month! As we’ve talked about before, this event was huge to us- it was such a special opportunity to connect with more of you, our amazing partners Vann Studio and Hand of God Wine, and showcase our most recent campaign/project with Hoja Nueva.

We were so excited to showcase the work we’ve been doing with indigenous Peruvian women, who are finding empowerment and ways of community-building through their traditional art practices and their crafting of gorgeous handmade accessories. In case you missed it, just take a look at the amazing work they’ve been doing:

The Artesenías event was made possible by Hoja Nueva and these beautiful Peruvian craftswomen, as well as our partners, Vann Studio and Hand of God Wine. It was only expected that VannStudio was gonna be serving us nothing but gorgeous looks and styling all night as we sipped on only the finest Argentinian wines, a courtesy of the extraordinary Hand of God boutique winery.

Check out some photos from the night below, taken by Richard Lutz.

One of our beloved interns, Megan Hafermann, had this to say about the event: “It was so fun to see such a diverse gathering of people come together to support an amazing cause like Hoja Nueva.” She continued, “Hopefully we will have more events like this in the future after the major success and positive responses we got from all those involved.”

And with that, another huge thank you to our partners and the lovely people who made this all possible! Be sure to keep up with FFC as we continue this campaign to empower indigenous women and their communities as well as share their beautiful artisan creations with all of you.