5 Ways We Can Work Towards Zero Hunger


Hello fellow fashion lovers! In continuance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal: ZERO HUNGER, we want to suggest some tips as to how you can make changes in your daily life to help us move towards our goal!


Why are the small changes important?

In 2016, the percentage of malnourished people worldwide increased from 10.6% to 11%. That means that about 815 million people in the world are malnourished. When we face the growing issue of world hunger, it is important that we look at food systems to find indirect solutions. We understand that world hunger is hard to tackle as an individual but we believe that as human beings, we have an obligation to one another to ensure that everyone can get the basic necessities to survive and food security is one of those necessities. If we all work hard together to make changes, we can make the world a better place!

  1. Decrease your food waste

    Whenever you have leftovers and fresh produce that you don’t have time to eat before they go bad, we recommend using reusable food containers to freeze and store them for another meal! Doing this is a great way to save money and decrease your food waste!

  2. Support small farmers

    Between NGOs and governments, there is a common consensus that supporting and training local farmers is one of the best solutions for ensuring food security. Supporting local farmers means that they can have better opportunities to increase their food productivity! This is also a great way to empower families and give them control over their food sources.

  3. Eat sustainably

    While this one might sound like a reach, it’s actually a really important one! As we begin to see changes in average temperatures, rainfall, climate extremes etc., it is clear that these changes impact crop productions which increases the risk of food insecurity. A way we can eat sustainably is by reducing our consumption of animal-based proteins and having a diverse diet. Animal-based agriculture is one of the sectors that produces the highest amount of CO2 emissions which ultimately impact crop productions which is why it is essential that we are cautious about what we eat! Consider going vegetarian or vegan - even though “Veganuary has passed, there’s no clock on starting a healthy and sustainable dietary lifestyle.

  4. Food donations

    Conducting or participating in food drives is a great way to lend a hand to those who are experiencing difficult times and are unable to provide enough food for themselves.

  5. Empower women

    According to a UN report, empowering women and ending discrimination against women can increase agricultural production in underdeveloped countries. Supporting organizations that empower women all around the world makes a big difference! Giving women the same tools and resources as men can reduce the number of hungry people in the world. And let’s be honest, this one is a win-win!

Designer Spotlight

As an organization that has always fought for wildlife/nature conservation as well as progressive changes in the extremely wasteful fashion industry, FFC has recently been expanding its vision outward. We realize that a more ethical and sustainable world means fighting for issues outside the immediate scope of fashion alone (e.g. fighting food waste and supporting local produce for #ZeroHunger!). However, we still want to highlight the ways in which yours (and our) love of fashion can play a role in these bigger, interconnected goals toward a more sustainable world.


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