UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: ZERO HUNGER

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Welcome back to our weekly blog everyone! As you all know, we’ve partnered up the the United Nation to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place. So let’s dive right in!



"End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”

In 2016, the percentage of undernourished people worldwide increased from 10.6% in 2015 to 11% in 2016. This means that in 2016, there were 815 million people worldwide who are malnourished. The United Nation’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round by 2030.

Although many of you may not personally relate to this goal, it is one that is important to everyone! As human beings, we all want our families to have enough food to eat that is safe and healthy. A world with zero hunger will both improve society and human development significantly!

Can we achieve this goal?

Yes! It is estimated that we will need an additional $267 billion per year on average to end world hunger by 2030. This will require investments in both rural and urban areas, so poor people will be able to have access to food.

What can you do?


Zero hunger is a goal that sounds really difficult for us individuals to be able to address and make a difference. As individuals, we often times feel powerless when it comes to making large changes. However, don’t fret, even the smallest lifestyle changes that you make DO have an impact. If everyone made small lifestyle changes, together, we could all make the world a better place.

Currently, the biggest causes of world hunger are poor harvesting practices and food wastage which ultimately contribute to food scarcity. By supporting local farmers or markets and making sustainable food choices, fighting food waste and good nutrition, you can make a big difference towards zero hunger!

Another thing you can do is use your power as a consumer and voter to encourage businesses and governments to make choices and changes that can help us towards our Zero Hunger goal!

Don’t feel discouraged by the idea that your changes aren’t making a difference. Every little step matters! We will be here right alongside you!

Find out more about Goal 2 and other Sustainable Development Goals here!

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