5 ways to find your mask for the Rainforest Gala and Masquerade Ball

1. Co-design a Mask with FFC Designer Jatin Petal.

Kalikas Armour: Custom order a mask inspired by any animal or ecosystem from one of the featured designers at Seattle’s Rainforest Gala, Jatin Patel of Kalikas Armour (for quotes and orders email PR@FashionforConservation.com)

2. Stop by a local store in person.

A Masquerade Redmond: Stop by in person to browse their selection of local made masquerade attire: 16759 Redmond Way Redmond WA 98052

3. Rent a mask from a designer or rental shop.

Rent matching custom rainforest wildlife/ecosystem inspired masks for your gala party like these Antelope Masks for Animal Ball by Rui Xu.

4. Custom order on Etsy.

Commission a custom made mask from an Etsy artist specialising in mask design. 
Meet the designer behind Hawk Eye Masks:

"I really enjoy the  many different ways to approach the subject of nature in my art. Animals can open our eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world and bring us closer to our own inner selves, our own animal spirits. An artistic Mask can be simply pretty picture that appreciates nature for what it is... Or it can be a way of expressing our complex human connection we all have with nature. I love how creating my masks can also address pressing environmental issues and topics about conservation, sustainability, preservation, and threatened habitats. The Rain Forest and many other habitats and species are in constant danger front the lack of respect from man and I hope in my own small way I can help make s difference thorough my art.   I also enjoy the ability my Masks can have to educate and interact with the wearer about these issues. I hope my masks can be powerful tool in spreading awareness about such important topics and enjoy when my creations can help support these cause and issues. Hopefully we all feel an instinctual need to take care of the things we feel most connected for and for me that is the animal and natural world. I sincerely hope that my art and Masks can spark anew, your connection and love of and respect for nature." - Jennifer Stedman

5. DIY from Paper.

Create your own mask! Paper, scissors and a google search for a paper mask pattern. Or, you can order a pre cut paper mask kit from artists like Georgia Hardinge (above).


Species List to inspire your masquerade attire!




Giant Armadillo


Golden Lion Tamarin

Poison Dart Frog

Harpy Eagle

Three-Toed Sloth

Hyacinth Macaw


Giant River Otter







African Elephant



Bengal Tiger

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Rhino 

Javan Rhino

Proboscis Monkey

Indian Wild Dog

Giant Panda

Asian Elephant

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