2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and we wanna urge you to shop sustainable and eco-conscious brands that are committed towards raising awareness for conservation and protecting the world we live in!

Check out some of the FFC team’s favorite brands/products below and consider giving the gift of making a real impact this season!

Conservation-Inspired Jewelry by Salvari ($20) 

Shop: https://salvari.co.uk/

Why we choose Salvari:
Fashion for Conservation co-founders Ava J Holmes and Samantha Zwicker, and London Ambassador Elle L haven’t taken their Salvari pieces off since getting them three months ago. Many of the Fashion for Conservation Family now wear Salvari nonstop.

“We love that Salvari is founded and run by a single incredible woman making a real difference with each purchase...in any business let alone a single woman powered start up that’s hard to do, and she does it beautifully and with exceptional quality.” - Ava J Holmes & Elle L 


Sustainable Beauty Box: Be You Be Beautiful by Cohorted ($50)

Shop: https://www.cohorted.co.uk/pages/black-edition

Why we choose Cohorted:
No other beauty box commits to inner beauty as much as this one. Each product is made only with ingredients that are sourced ethically, sustainably, and organic when possible. Our team loves learning about new beauty brands that align with a greater vision for healthier people and a healthier planet. This starts with what we wear. 

“Every morning we have an opportunity to be an activist, to choose what we put on our faces and bodies. The most impactful leaders lead by example. Let’s stop with the plastics and waste on our bodies and face, let’s speak more meaningfully with what we wear via brands we support.”  - Ava J Holmes


Beauty Chocolate Christmas Countdown Calendar by Esthochoc ($20)

Shop: https://www.esthechoc.com

Why we choose Esthochoc:
Who wouldn’t love chocolate that’s full of powerful antioxidants and enough energy to get through a mealtime while still only 36 calories? Each piece of vegan, gluten free, rich chocolate (72.6%) is enhanced with astaxanthin – one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science. 

“Esthechoch has been our team’s FUEL. During the heat of event planning season, we don’t sleep much, we forget to eat sometimes...thank goodness for this miracle chocolate. Our skin is especially healthier and happier with Esthechoc! But don’t take our word for it... 10 years of science has also gone into perfecting this chocolate as a beauty supplement.” - Ava J. Holmes


“Khanservation” Sweatshirt by Hoja Nueva ($155)

Shop: http://hojanueva.org/product-category/clothing/

This beautiful limited edition sweatshirt features Khan, the first ocelot that the non-profit group, Hoja Nueva, worked with for a year to reintroduce into the wild. Unfortunately, the young orphaned ocelot was later killed by an illegal poaching trap on protected conservation lands. Hoja Nueva’s “Khanservation” line honors the dearly missed Khan and raises awareness for the illegal hunting of innocent species in the Amazon and beyond. All materials are made 100% sustainable.