Vegan Fashion for Conservation

By Lindsey Arnold 

We have a common goal – advocating for the conservation of animals. And this comes in many forms. Whether you are educating about how to protect elephant wildlife or choosing to buy a pair of leather-free shoes, you can contribute to the protection of animals. 

Not only do animal-derived fashion products affect the animals that are killed for their skins, they also affect the ecosystem at large. Tanning leather is a huge environmental issue due to the pollutants and toxic chemicals used in the process. Thankfully, vegan fashion is on the rise and is predicted to be a major trend for 2018, according to the latest The Future 100 report. 

And don’t worry. You won’t have to sacrifice style by switching to animal-friendly fabrics. Vegan fashion has come a long way in the last few years with new materials being developed at rapid pace, including pineapple leather, recycled fabrics, and leather-like substitutes. 

Pineapple Leather Boots by Bourgeois Boheme

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These 60s style Chelsea Boots by Bourgeois Boheme are made with the latest material innovation, Pinatex, also known as pineapple leather. Pinatex is made from pineapple leaves, a byproduct of the pineapple industry, and is a sustainable material for farmers and consumers. 


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Vegan Handbag by Christian Siriano

When Project Runway winner Christian Siriano came out with a line of vegan handbags in 2016, the fashion world took notice. Not only were the bags stylish and animal-friendly, they also donated proceeds from the elephant bag charms to organizations working to end poaching. 


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Vegan Coat by Vaute Couture

When Vaute Couture founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart set out to create a vegan coat that would be warm enough for a Chicago winter, boy did she succeed! Check out this Castro Parka in Elephant Gray that is down-free, 100% recycled, zero waste, and made of insulation that arctic explorers use.


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Vegan Purse by Stella McCartney

Perhaps the queen of vegan fashion, Stella McCartney has been dedicated to finding alternatives to leather since 2013. Stella’s latest Falabella Box Shoulder Bag with stars is made with her signature vegan material Alter-Nappa, which is made from polyester and polyurethane and has a coating made with over 50% vegetable oil.


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Recycled Shoes from Rothy’s

Probably the most popular shoes on Facebook right now, Rothy’s are not only stylish, they’re also sustainable. Made from recycled water bottles, Rothy’s use the latest technology to make flats that are comfortable, easy to wash, and so on-trend.

By supporting vegan fashion, you are making the conscious shift that animals are not for consumption and must be protected. It is a step you can make in your everyday life that will impact animals’ wellbeing worldwide, including the elephants that we love so dearly.

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Lindsey Arnold 


Lindsay is a vegan beauty blogger who has started her own vegan skincare line called the Velvet Report. She is passionate about finding sustainable and vegan options in fashion and beauty. industry, believing animals should not be casualties to consumerism markets. Lindsay shares her love for vegan and cruelty-free beauty through her line, social media, and blog.