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NO VOICE: A Campaign for Elephant Rights

Rachel Hester

By Kelly Zwicker 

As part of the Elephantasia initiative, Fashion for Conservation (FFC) has partnered with talented designers Oscar Abbots and Riccardo Ceretti to produce the NO VOICE campaign. The campaign and related merchandise is to inspire the idea of giving elephants a voice. 

Why Elephants? 

For statistics, every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory. This is approximately 35,000 elephants each year. There is now a global poaching crisis that can be improved with awareness, education, and passion from the unity of elephant-lovers. Teaming up with leading forces in the fashion industry, not to mention continuously creating ways to get involved and promote the love for elephants, will better their future chances of survival. So, why elephants? Because they need us. They need us  to give them a voice.   

In the world of fashion, elephants even represent a global community. They are symbols of Africa, India, and Asia due to their origins. They are often symbolic of spirituality and yoga rituals. They have been present in our everyday world more than we often think. 


Elephants are remarkably intelligent and expressive. They are said to have amazing emotional intelligence as well, and actually mourn their dead very deeply just as humans do. Mother elephants are fiercely loyal to their calves. The idea of family is not lost to an elephant. 

Elephants are absolutely crucial in our ecosystem. They dig pools of water with their massive build that other animals need for survival. They are also gardeners of the earth, spreading seeds along lengthy routes that grow new plant life. In Central Africa specifically, the tropical rainforest ecosystem the elephants help structure is crucial to the development and progression of current climate change. 

This is the real world of environmental issues, and elephants are a helping hand to aid our fight against negative climate turns. They should be considered an ally, not a means to an end for their ivory. 

Imagine if we gave elephants more of a representation in the fashion world. To mimick their gentle colors and the textures of their skin, and created beautiful pieces that not only unite people together in common fashion interests, but also people and the need to support struggling wildlife. The more creativity we can put into sustainability and wildlife efforts, the more responsive an audience will be. 

There are many things that can divide humans, and elephants are a species that can unite us in our passion for coexistence and care for all species. Will you join the fight for elephants? Visit our site and see our online merchandise for NO VOICE, and check for regular updates on our upcoming events on the blog, campaign info, and social media accounts for Elephantasia and Fashion for Conservation.

Model: FFC Co-Founder Samantha Zwicker wearing a NO VOICE pullover 

Model: FFC Co-Founder Samantha Zwicker wearing a NO VOICE pullover 

Model: FFC Lead Blogger Kelly Zwicker 

Model: FFC Lead Blogger Kelly Zwicker 

Models: Co-Founder Samantha Zwicker and Lead Blogger Kelly Zwicker 

Models: Co-Founder Samantha Zwicker and Lead Blogger Kelly Zwicker 

Even purchasing merchandise for NO VOICE is one step closer to giving elephants a better future. Do your part and raise awareness of the beauty and necessity of the elephant species. 
All the best, xx