5 Holiday Gifts for Fashion and Elephant Lovers

If you're shopping for your last minute gifts this season, don't miss out on these 5! Gift your loved ones a fashion forward new year while contributing to a healthier, happier planet in 2018.

And if you're reading this closely...we would like to gift YOU with 10% off your entire purchase. Enter FASHIONFORWARD10 at checkout.

Your gift funds conservation; 30% of each sale supports the African Wildlife Foundation. Happy Holidays from your Fashion for Conservation family!

1. LOVE ME by NO VOICE. Elephantasia limited edition.

LOVE ME Crew Neck by NO VOICE (Organic Cotton)

NO VOICE X Elephantasia is originally designed and produced by artistic and romantic partners Oscar Abbots - international designer for brands like Roberto Cavalli, Josep Font, Adolfo Dominguez and currently Zara - and Riccardo Ceretti - artist and archeologist with an innate passion for fashion. They live between Italy and Spain where they "seduce all creative fields like music, film, architecture and art to reflect them in the wonderful world of fashion."

2. Fashion fighting for Conservation custom bracelet.

3. Elephant and monkey scarf. Elephantasia limited edition.

4. Tusked silhouette jumpsuit and dress. Elephantasia limited edition.

5. Fashion for Conservation Membership. The gift that keeps giving!