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Rachel Hester


“Elephantasia” is fashion fighting for elephants. Here is a one year summary with highlights from our runway exhibitions, film exposé, VIP parties and partners. Join us in making 2017 the biggest year for elephant conservation yet in fashion history.

January 1st 2016 - Reveal of Elephantasia by ANNAFORA. Twelve designers from across the globe are invited to curate one elephant inspired design to feature in Elephantasia each season. ANNAFORA was one of the first participants of our story.

MARCH 2016

March 18th 2016 - VIP preview of Elephantasia FW16  at Vancouver Fashion Week. Designs by Marita Wrong.

March 19th 2016 - Launch of Elephantasia FW16 editorial film by UNCLEBOB.TV featuring Elephantasia FW16 directors Kimber London, Victoria/Victor, and Renee Eddy. 

March 19th 2016 - Elephantasia FW16 runway presentation at Vancouver Fashion Week with ELEPHANATICS BC. The premier of this collection was one of the catalysts of the "elephant buzz" amongst celebrities and media during fashion week FW16/SS17.

MAY 2016

May 21st 2016 - Elephantasia featured The New York Times article, "How Elephants Became the Newest Celebrity Cause" revealing the biggest celebrity influencers in elephant-conservation.

May 20th 2016 - Annual "Fashion for Conservation" Runway & Gala supporting conservation of the rainforest and wildlife with Hoja Nueva 501(c)(3) 


August 12th 2016 - Elephantasia teams up with World Elephant Day and founder, Patricia Simms for the global celebration of conservation and elephants annually on August 12th. 

August 2016 - Wildlife photographer Chantelle Melzer spends a month in Kenya capturing the beauty of these "Gentle Giants" in sharing the inspiration and purpose behind Elephantasia.


September 2016 - The Elephantasia team meets our colleagues in elephant conservation through fashion, participants of "Knot on my Planet" at NYFW.

September 2016 - Elephantasia team meets with the Elephant Family at their UK headquarters as they get ready for their annual World Animal Ball to raise funds for elephant conservation.


Elephantasia SS17 models Claudia Lorena, Sofia Tveter, Amy Gee and Binta Dibba in NOVOICE. Photography by DeCarbon Azul, makeup by Rick Toth/Kennedy L, and hair by Rose Prado.

Elephantasia SS17 models Claudia Lorena, Sofia Tveter, Amy Gee and Binta Dibba in NOVOICE.
Photography by DeCarbon Azul, makeup by Rick Toth/Kennedy L, and hair by Rose Prado.

November 2nd 2016 - Reveal of Elephantasia by NO VOICE (Spain), the first Elephantasia ready to wear collection giving elephant lovers the opportunity to give elephants a voice through sustainably designed comfortable organic-cotton clothing. 

November 3rd 2016 - The artist behind "Roaming Elephant" murals, Matt Shapira joins us in designing the editorial set of Elephantasia SS17 and in presenting a series of live elephant paintings. 


November 4th 2016 - Elephantasia SS17 presentation at Eco Fashion Week in Seattle, WA (US) and globally on UNIVISON TV


Elephantasia FW16 cover girl: Kimber London

Elephantasia FW16 cover girl: Kimber London

December 2016 - The Elephantasia team gears up for our European tour in 2017!!

Happy New Year to all of our members, participants and global partners!! We look forward to sharing another Elephantastic year where fashion meets conservation.