The NO VOICE Collective Launched at Elephantasia

Elephantasia Nov 1-5 reveals The NO VOICE Collective by designers Oscar Abbots and artistic & romantic parter Riccardo Ceretti! This brand is inspired by the Fashion for Conservation movement in protecting wildlife through sustainable fashion and we can't wait to share it with you this season

Oscar comes from the field of fashion having collaborated with international designers like Roberto Cavalli, Josep Font, Adolfo Dominguez and Zara. Riccardo comes from the world of art and archeology, with an innate passion for fashion. Currently living straddles Italy and Spain seduced all creative fields like music, film, architecture and art, trying your creativity to flow through these fields to reflect them in the wonderful world of fashion.


What is fashion to you?

Fashion for us simply an unwritten language in which each person can express and must express what you want at all times. When fashion joins creativity can arise wonderful thing

You have worked with many larger brands, what are some of your favorite brands or projects you have worked with and why? 

We started working in the fashion First Class where there are no hours of rest even though creativity is all the time to the surface. When you make fast fashion ,creativity disappears because you only think about selling. In the times we miss designers who had something to tell the world like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Balenciaga ,azedine alaia and Christian Lacroix. 

How is it different to start your own label?

It is wonderful to feel free to develop projects with people you really care where the sole purpose is not to sell and make numbers. Beauty is not the only objective today, where everyday technology and comfort must prevail above all.

How long ago were you thinking of starting the collective and what made you finally start?

Sometimes coincidences of life make you know what that time has come. We have long been working on this idea and it seems that finally comes to light. It is very hard but we hope to have our fruit soon!

Where would you like to be with the collective in five years? 

we would love to travel the world and get to places that never before had believed. We are also very supportive of activating local organizations and give a voice to all those who wish

How is sustainability relevant to your work? 

Today it is almost impossible to be consistent with the whole issue of sustainability. But little can be done will always be something and at least try to promote and make noise so that the pieces of the puzzle fit

What would you say to yourself 20 years ago?

not everything is valued with money and material things. The most important is to do what you really feel and follow your dreams

What are your zodiac signs? 

Aquarius and Scorpio

Do not ever criticize or laugh at anyone for their clothing because everything must be accepted and fashion is a wonderful display of the personality.
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