Elephantasia at Eco Fashion Week

NOV 2-NOV 3 (EFW), NOV 5 (PRESS PARTY) – For the first time, Elephantasia will be exhibited during Eco Fashion Week (EFW), informing and inspiring the fashion-conscious, and sustainable-minded alike in a way that harmonizes beauty and the environment. After all, innovation in fashion — the future of chic — is inextricably linked to innovation in sustainability. 

EFW will launch the work of six new Elephantasia designers including the lead designer for ZARA who recently launched his independent brand "No Voice" inspired by the Fashion for Conservation movement. Each piece is uniquely elephant-inspired and eco-friendly by the presenting international designers. The exhibition will also provide an opportunity for guests to learn more about the movement through interactive media and in-person conversation with partnering conservation organisations.  

Elephantasia aims to raise awareness and funds for the African elephants killed for their ivory at a rate of 96 each day. The campaign is in support of the conservation organizations #AfricanWildlifeFoundation, #Elephanatics and #WorldElephantDay. 

Vancouver’s annual sustainable fashion event, Eco Fashion Week is now in its 11th edition and continues to raise global awareness for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable consumption. Elephantasia will be showcased in EFW Seattle between NOV 2-3, 2016. A private party for press and campaign partners will take place NOV 5th, 2016. (See private invitation). 

Why elephants at fashion week?

Fashion is largely responsible for the continued demand for ivory. Ivory is still used in parts of the world for the production of jewelry and trinkets. Here we can share the message to #saynotoivory with an industry that has a direct impact on the demand.

The campaign raises the question of how animal materials and parts are used in fashion. Beyond elephants, the controversy is important to consider in the conversation of "eco-fashion."

Those who engage in conservation campaigns are often already interested in the subject. This campaign targets a new audience thus in increasing awareness and funding opportunity for elephant conservation. 

Who is behind the campaign? 

Elephantasia Fall SS17 is presented by: A-DOT, Eco Fashion-Week and the African Wildlife Foundation. The exhibition is in partnership with Vann Edge Salon, Not Just A Label, World Elephant Day, EVRNU, and National Geographic´s NOVICA. 

For more details and to request an invitation, please contact PR@FashionforConservation.com