It is important that we help to preserve this species, not only just because I am an animal lover but for cultural and environmental issues. One of my favourite quotes are: Human kind has not woven the web of life, We are but one thread within it, Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves, All things are bound together, All things connect. The elephant is an extremely peaceful and intelligent creature and I am very proud to be apart of this process

The Autonomous Collections is a London based brand taking an ethical approach to fabrication and design. The brand offers a bold aesthetic that is wearable and considered. Founder and Designer at The Autonomous Collections, Kim Stevenson is from Geelong, Australia. The inspiration Stevenson uses throughout her designs are the combination of rural meets city life. Nature Vs Man is a constant inspiration for her and likes to produce work that represents the value of handcraft, but also aesthetically appeals to exciting new directions in style and youth culture. Stevenson produced her A/W 2015-16 collection which was shown at London Fashion week in February and the brand is now stocked in London’s LN-CC and online and has been featured in a number of magazines and news papers. 

The Autonomous Collections is a directional young brand which takes an ethical approach to fabrication and design. We are womenswear, but we do have some statement pieces which are unisex. Our process is to design first, then find ways to create each step ethically. Our ethos is to appeal to a confident, young, old and young in spirit audience in order to promote ethics in production and consumption.