“Respect for nature including us as part of it, is one of the most basics instincts that we all as humans should have. Elephants represent an ancient wisdom of power yet gentleness, an exaltation of the ancestral roots that we all have. They are considered very sacred in many traditions and cultures and as a source of money and greed for some others. In Colombia, where I was born, we consider all the animals and plants as relatives and as relatives we care for each other. Doing what we can to help them is just a seed that can sprout and replicate to do even more for our Mother Earth. Helping your relatives is helping yourself.” - Anthar Kharana


=======Anthar Kharana is a native musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist from a small town in the north of Colombia. He is a self taught musician from the age of 8 and comes from a linage of musicians in his family. Anthar delivers a wide range of music styles and a deep understanding of melody and complex rhythms thank to his passion for the ethnic music from different parts of the world. He has been sharing traditions from his homeland in Europe for 14 years, as well as directing music projects and bands.. He runs workshops, performances and also collaborations with dancers and leading dance companies, including Protein Dance, Vocab Dance, SinMan Dance among others as well as being a music accompanist at The Place in London. He has mastered a wide range of vocal abilities from mellow feminine tones to deep growled Mongolian throat singing. Anthar is also a sound therapy practitioner (from the British Academy of Sound Therapy) widening his understanding of the music and sound as a healing tool.

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A SACRED JOURNEY OF LIFE As part of his journey, Anthar is also a medicine man and guardian of traditions of the Americas. He received the blessing to become a Sundancer, Chanupa (pipe) and Inipi / sweat lodge guardian (Traditions of the North of the Americas) by the Lakota linage of Leonard Crow Dog becoming one of the Sons of the alliance of the Eagle and Condor Nation, a New Nation united by the agreement of the Elders of the North and South America to become One. Anthar has then been ordered as a spiritual leader of the Pachamama Native American Church to continue sharing the wisdom around the world. In these years of been travelling to Europe, Anthar has been sharing the wisdom of the Sacred Fire and Ancient Sound and their connection to the plant and animal kingdom. He runs workshops, sacred music concerts, traditional ceremonies, private sessions and retreats worldwide. He is the Director of Tribal Sound Healing in the UK and Colombia and Co-diretor of the first school of Sound Healing in Scotland, ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts.

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