An elephant running, beautiful, wild, and free...I am really impressed by your labor in elephant protection and defense of these animals. It’s admirable.

Alfonso Sanchez was born in Andalusia to a family of tailors and dressmakers. His childhood connection with fashion has led him today to be an emerging talent in Ibiza; he was most recently awarded the best new talent award in the Balearic Islands during Adlib Fashion Week. His brand is a tribute to elegance and sophistication based on rife between classically feminine clothing and cutting edge details that make each piece unique. The mix of materials and textures, transparencies and lace, finished and handcrafted details including volume and sleek body, leave us with a striking impression of his collection. His pieces for Elephantasia in particular represent the strength of Mother Nature, transparent and delicate; the beauty of the detailed lace and strength displayed in big volumes is our mother. The color black speaks to the necessity of each of us as earth caretakers to rethink the way we are managing our planet. Black is the moment before a new beginning.