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ALEX S. YU is made with dream and love. He cre- ates garments that explore the ne line between reality and fantasy. Rollicking the happy emotions of childhood, nostalgia and wanderlust he pon- ders the very de nition of femininity in a modern, quirky way through garments. For Elephantasia, Alex is inspired by how vulnerable the elephants are in their natural habitats. People hunt/kill them for their own pleasure/materialistic gains in their natural habitats in which they cannot escape. They can't do anything to prevent it in their own powers. His desire is to convey that feeling of helplessness in this design.

The base of the dress is a thick grey textured fabric cut into a shape that is loose in the arms as inspired by the elephant’s ears. The dress will be "con- toured" with red (blood/violence) straps that can be tightened or loosened with adjustments on the bodice as well as the wrists. The tighter the straps, the more restricted the movements, which conveys the elephant’s situation.

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