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Rainforest Gala


Seattle, Rainier Club

Saturday, June 9th 2018 at Seattle's iconic Rainier ClubSeattle's fourth annual rainforest gala will take our most dedicated donors on a walk through the world's jungles in style; Hoja Nueva and Fashion for Conservation are back hosting what will be the 4th annual runway show and gala to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Join us for an evening of diverse flavors and cultures, captivating sounds of the wild, and vibrant styles inspired by the rainforests of the world. Guests will have the opportunity to choose a rainforest system from an array of countries and dress as an endangered animal from that area - ecosystems will correspond to specific tables during the gala. 

In previous seasons the gala has featured animal and rainforest-inspired collections from as many as 18 international designers and hosted between 500-800 guests each time while making a huge impact in the conservation of the Peruvian Amazon...

The urgency of conserving the earth's rainforests now goes beyond cultural and wildlife preservation. Fragmented forests resulting from increased agriculture store less carbon and adversely impact wildlife movement and gene flow, resulting in higher levels of atmospheric carbon and regional species declines. As a component of the recent Paris Accord, slowing climate change by method of conservation is an urgent matter that requires strong institutional support for projects that shift how we source our food, water and energy, and support for rainforest protection and reforestation. 

Hoja Nueva confronts deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and inequalities within the cocoa value chain by providing small farmers with the support necessary to produce sustainable cocoa, and trading cocoa directly to ensure that farmers have fair wages. 

"Thanks to last year's rainforest gala, our zero-carbon footprint eco lodge has been built in the lowland Amazon rainforest and now provides conservation and agroforestry education in a world threatened by rampant deforestation and climate change," states co-founder of Fashion for Conservation and Hoja Nueva president Samantha Zwicker. "Our cocoa cooperative that we launched after last year's fundraiser now supports remote Peruvian communities and wildlife by sustainably growing cocoa, producing aromatic beans to meet the high demand for fine chocolates globally, and re-investing profits to protect farmers and frontier rainforests.". 

Mark your calendars for this wild event and stay tuned for the full lineup! Tickets are extremely limited at 200 special guests - get them before they're gone!

Preview from last year's annual fundraiser for Hoja Nueva inspired by the organisation's sustainable grown cacao. Design by JOSÉ ZAFRA. Read more about last years event here. 

Preview from last year's annual fundraiser for Hoja Nueva inspired by the organisation's sustainable grown cacao. Design by JOSÉ ZAFRA.
Read more about last years event here. 


Witness this exquisite evening of international art and fashion — inspired by the richly diverse rainforests of the world.  Join us in saving the largest unprotected rainforest located in the Peruvian Amazon and to create a space where diverse peoples can share and celebrate their unique stories and experiences living in harmony with wildlife and their habitats. This event funds rainforest reforestation, wildlife conservation, and sustainable agriculture with 501(c)(3) nonprofit Hoja Nueva (

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