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Seattle Rainforest Gala & Masquerade Ball




We invite you to an exquisite evening of international art, food and fashion—inspired by the richly diverse rainforests of the world. 

Join Fashion for Conservation and Hoja Nueva for this 4th annual celebration with diverse flavors and cultures, captivating sounds of the wild, and vibrant designs inspired by rainforests to protect part of the largest unprotected region of the Peruvian Amazon. Help us create a space where diverse peoples can share and celebrate their unique stories and experiences living in harmony with wildlife and their habitats. Help fund conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, and sustainable agriculture with US 501(c)(3) and Peru based nonprofit Hoja Nueva (

As this year’s annual gala is also a masquerade, guests are requested to adorn themselves with a mask to represent an animal from any rainforest of the world. See the species list below as inspiration for your attire.

Previous galas have featured wildlife and nature inspired collections from diverse designers whilst making a lifelong impact to conserve rainforest habitats and culture in the Peruvian Amazon.

Seattle’s 4th Annual Rainforest Gala will bring guests into the fashion rainforest with live performances and fashion displaying the stunning works of both local and international designers. This event seats 160 guests, so please make a reservation for you and your party at your soonest convenience.

All guests will also receive a complimentary one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry handmade by indigenous craftspeople of Madre de Dios, Peru.

The urgency of conserving the earth’s rainforests now goes beyond cultural and wildlife preservation. It is now a basic human need.
— Samantha Zwicker, Co-founder at Hoja Nueva and Fashion for Conservation

The urgency of conserving the earth's rainforests now goes beyond cultural and wildlife preservation. Fragmented forests resulting from increased agriculture store less carbon and adversely impact wildlife movement and gene flow, resulting in higher levels of atmospheric carbon and regional species declines. As a component of the recent Paris Accord, slowing climate change by method of conserving rainforest is an urgent matter that requires strong institutional support for projects that shift how we source our food, water and energy. Protecting our last in-tact rainforests is now a matter of basic human survival.

Hoja Nueva confronts deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon by conserving rainforest and building capacity within remote and indigenous communities by implementing rigorous scientific research in waste management, water and wildlife; and creating alternative income opportunities through sustainable agriculture and micro-finance programs that protect indigenous culture and wildlife habitats.

 Dress from last year's annual fundraiser for Hoja Nueva inspired by the organisation's sustainably grown cacao. Design by   JOSÉ ZAFRA .

Dress from last year's annual fundraiser for Hoja Nueva inspired by the organisation's sustainably grown cacao. Design by JOSÉ ZAFRA.


"Thanks to last year's rainforest gala, our zero-carbon footprint eco-lodge has been built in the lowland Amazon rainforest along with 2000 trees to create a research center that provides conservation and agroforestry education in a world threatened by rampant deforestation and climate change," states co-founder of Fashion for Conservation and Hoja Nueva director Samantha Zwicker.

Mark your calendars for this wild event and anticipate a fantastic designer lineup! Tickets are extremely limited - get them before they're gone!

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Species List - to inspire your masquerade attire!




Giant Armadillo


Golden Lion Tamarin

Poison Dart Frog

Harpy Eagle

Three-Toed Sloth

Hyacinth Macaw


Giant River Otter







African Elephant



Bengal Tiger

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Rhino 

Javan Rhino

Proboscis Monkey

Indian Wild Dog

Giant Panda

Asian Elephant