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September 18th, 16:00—Fashion for Conservation brings twenty-four international designers to London Fashion Week to present an elephant-inspired catwalk exhibition Elephantasia, Fashion for Conservation's newest campaign raising awareness about the elephant poaching crisis:

  • 1 Elephant dies every 15 minutes.
  • 96 Elephants are killed each day.
  • 35,000 elephants are lost year to ivory poaching. 

To bring awareness to, and help mitigate this poaching crisis, Fashion for Conservation (FFC) is joining forces with London Fashion Week (LFW), Fashion Scout, African Wildlife Foundation and other partners. Their collaborative efforts will send a timely and vital message to fashion week attendees and viewers—say no to ivory, visit ethical sanctuaries and make clothing purchases and donations that support conservation.

Elephantasia is one campaign at FFC featuring unique international designers each season of a three year global tour 2016-2018 raising funds and awareness for the poaching crisis with the African Wildlife Foundation. The exhibition for the campaign debuted at fashion weeks in the US, BC, and Spain and this season’s collection has previewed in 6 cities across Europe leading up to the finale presentation during LFW SS18.

Elephantasia showcases Monday, September 18, 16:30, at Freemasons' Hall. Each featured designer will be showing their interpretations of the African elephant live on the catwalk, while raising money to support critical conservation efforts through the African Wildlife Foundation. This season FFC will also be launching their full color luxury print magazine, the first publication dedicated to connecting fashion with conservation.

"The runway pieces represent elephants through their colors, shapes and textures," states Ava Holmes, Fashion for Conservation co-founder. "Designs range from oversized elephant-ear shaped shoulders on a gray-pleated one-piece, from Indian designer Shriti Pratap, to the delicate golden thread embroidery of a mother and daughter elephant on an ivory-colored sustainable silk dress, by US brand Kromagnon."

The mission of FFC is to protect wildlife and their habitats in collaboration with fashion designers, conservation organizations and media influencers. The exhibition Elephantasia is fashion fighting for elephants, and every species adversely affected by poaching.

"It is not enough to just create pretty fashion campaigns and couture collections," states Nazanine Afshar, Fashion for Conservation co-founder. "As advocates of the arts, we have the responsibility to use the power of fashion to promote causes around the world that have a direct effect on the future of our planet!"

Elephantasia, one of FCC’s campaigns, is altering the future of the fashion industry from one that regularly garners criticism from animal advocates. The objective is to not only support conservation but put it into fashion consumer's everyday practice.

Join FFC and partners during the 2016-2018 world tour for Elephantasia to heighten consciousness surrounding threatened species and their habitats. Take a stand in the fight for elephants and the environment!




Ibiza (July 15th – July 25th)
*July 19th Catwalk Exhibition at Atzaro
Berlin (July 29th – August 5th)
Copenhagen (August 10th)
Edinburgh (August 15th – August 30th)
London (September 15th – September 19th)
*September 18th Catwalk Exhibition at Fashion Scout
*September 18th Official After Party (see invitation)
Paris (September 19th - September 23rd)

Why Elephants?

Can you imagine a world without elephants? Elephants are a keystone species to their environment, meaning that their ecosystem and animals that share it dependent on them. Culturally, they symbolize globally practiced peaceful activities like yoga, meditation (picture Ganesh). They are also icons of the entire African and Asian continents. Elephants unite people in a global community. Elephants are also the largest and most ancient land animal known to “instill a sense of wonder and wisdom in all who interact with them” - Jimmiel Manama, African Wildlife Foundation 

Campaign History

Elephantasia 2016 premiered at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 as covered by the The New York Times, The Huffington Post and UK Vogue, recently featured during US Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 and will be presenting during London Fashion Week this fall. Elephantasia is one of numerous campaigns within FFC—a movement highlighting conservation through fashion and the arts. FFC has partnered with over a dozen charities in bringing conservation into the fashion community through similar events and media campaigns including those designed to shed light on conservation. Read more about Fashion for Conservation...

Venue Partnership

Fashion Scout, the international showcase for fashion pioneers, is the UK’s largest independent showcase for emerging designers and established design talent during London Fashion Week. Fashion Scout is renowned for championing, nurturing and showcasing creative talent and London and Kiev. Over the past 10 years Fashion Scout has launched the careers of a number of pioneering designers including Iris Van Herpen, Peter Pilotto, Eudon Choi, David Koma, Felder Felder, Maria Francesca Pepe, Piers Atkinson, Agi and Sam, Martina Spetlova, Helen Lawrence, Georgia Harding and many more. Featuring a selection of innovative UK and international designers, Fashion Scout London will be hosting over 30 catwalk shows, salon shows and presentations this February. Fashion Scout London is held at the iconic Freemasons’ Hall, Covent Garden, from Friday 15th February to Tuesday 19th September 2017, Fashion Scout’s 22nd season during London Fashion Week.

See all global partnerships for Elephantasia here.  


Elephantasia engages the fashion-concious in the conservation of African elephants killed for their ivory tusks through interactive fashion events and an elephant inspired apparel collection giving 30% - 100% back to the African Wildlife Foundation 501(c)(3).

Elephantasia engages the fashion-concious in the conservation of African elephants killed for their ivory tusks through interactive fashion events and an elephant inspired apparel collection giving 30% - 100% back to the African Wildlife Foundation 501(c)(3).






Earth-Friendly Couture 

Made without harming the earth. Plant-based dies, organic cottons, and recycled products (plastic bottles, rubber, fabrics) are a few of the Eearth-Friends materials from which the couture is made. 

Supporting Independent Brands

Business for independent labels globally. Each Elephantaisa collection features a dozen different designers and brands from different countries, each with a unique interpretation of "The Elephant." 

Giving back to Elephants

30% - 100% for the Elephants. Saving the elephants one style at a time ensuring a future for all wildlife and eco-systems that depend on them and for generations and generations of of Elephant-lovers to come.